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Ari Hoffman...

...is kind of a therapy big deal.

Ari graduated with a Master of Arts in Couples and Family Counseling from University of Colorado at Denver in 2007 and became licensed (LPC #5647) in 2010.

Ari's experience in mental health since grad school includes: 10 years in community mental health working with children, families, and adults; and 10 years in private practice (some concurrent).

Ari's professional development includes training in working with trauma, children, families, and parenting.

 Ari completed EMDR training in 2010 (EMDR Institute) and uses it regularly. EMDR is a powerful, effective, and research based tool which is pretty amazing to work with, learn more about EMDR here

Ari is currently engaged in training in a somatic mindfulness approach to therapy (expected completion, 2021), learn about this awesome approach to therapy here

Ari is a full member of the American Counseling Association

Ari is the founder and director of Integrated Care Institute which is dedicated to bridging the gap between physical and mental health by placing and supporting mental health providers in medical practices.

Ari maintains a Wilderness First Responder certification and is the owner and head guide at Avanim Adventures, LLC

When not doing therapy, building business, or intently gazing at his navel Ari enjoys spending time with his family, getting lost in the woods, hang gliding, and perusing the Dumb Friends League website, fantasizing about getting a dog.