I work with children 11 years old and up. This time of life is similar to infancy in terms of how much change and development is occurring. It's an amazing and challenging time for both children and parents. It's a wild ride and that's normal. I have 14 years of experience working with children. Parents: I expect you to be an active participant in your child's care.

Fee: individual session: $160 (400nis); parenting session with 2 or more family members: $200 (500nis)

The process of couples counseling is a journey toward both members of a relationship feeling seen, heard, and felt; this creates an environment in which you can both show up and engage. Making space for your own emotions and those of your partner will build a world in which conflict is a healthy and contributory element in a loving relationship.
If you often look like the couple in this picture then we might want to work on how you can both earn some money to get a room somewhere.

All couples welcome.
Fee: $200/session (500nis)

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I am most passionate about helping people show up fully with vulnerability and bravery in relationship with self and other. It is from this position that you will get the nourishment you so deeply want. I commit to being present with you on this journey and pushing you with love to get off your tush and make it happen.

Kids and Teens

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Yeah, I feel like this sometimes too. It's probably better if you stop looking at the picture, it's a little creepy.

Individual counseling is an opportunity to explore different parts of who you are (even the parts that make weird facial expressions.)
Individual counseling has a variety of applications including: surviving tough experiences, working with mental illness, self actualization, trauma processing,  relationships with family and partners and much more.

Fee: $160/hour (400nis)

Adult Individual

Family Counseling aims to improve general cohesion among family members and help the family operate more smoothly.
I use a blended approach that considers family structure and the role that each person plays in the family and also family history and how function or lack thereof has developed through the generations.
Family therapy sessions may include different parts of the family at different times depending on what you want and what I recommend.
If your family looks like the one in the picture then we might want to work on smiling a little more :-)
I work with any type of family system, if you consider them family that's good enough for me.
Fee: $200/session (500nis)