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The intent of couples counseling is to stretch both peoples' capacity for all of the ingredients that you feel are important in a relationship.

Those ingredients could include: love, affection, active listening, cohesion, healthy sexuality, teamwork, and whatever else you want.

If you often look like the couple in this picture then we might want to work on how you can both earn some money to get a room somewhere. 

All couples welcome.

Fee: $140/hour

A short note about my practice:

Kids and Teens

Family Counseling aims to improve general cohesion among family members and help the family operate more smoothly.
I use a blended approach that considers family structure and the role that each person plays in the family and also family history and how function or lack thereof has developed through the generations.
Family therapy sessions may include different parts of the family at different times depending on what you want and what I recommend.
If your family looks like the one in the picture then we might want to work on smiling a little more :-)
I work with any type of family system, if you consider them family that's good enough for me.
Fee: $140/hour


Some people have asked, “how is it that you can do so many different types of therapy with so many different people?” This is a fair question with a reasonable answer. In my professional life I have had the opportunity to work intensively with all of these different populations noted below and many different types of mental health issues. The differences are notable but the similarities are extensive and consistent.

A very large majority of my work is based on the philosophy of my area of focus in graduate school – family systems. Everyone is part of a system and most of us are part of many systems. My approach in facilitating healing is to help people find ways to function well within their systems from the individual system all the way out to the global system if that’s what my client wants. One of the beautiful things about systems is that due to the inter-connected nature, no one person is to blame for everything. When I work with a client I look at it as if I am working with my client and the systems in which my client exists.

From grad school until today I have attended many trainings, been supervised by many wise people, and generally pursued continued professional development. What this practically means is that I have developed practice in working with children, parents, families, trauma, disaster response, systems, adults, and so much more. I continue to hone these skills because I enjoy the work immensely. So  give me a call and we can explore together what I can do to help you be the best you ever.

Yeah, I feel like this sometimes too. It's probably better if you stop looking at the picture, it's a little creepy.

Individual counseling is an opportunity to explore different parts of who you are (even the parts that make weird facial expressions.)
Individual counseling has a variety of applications including: surviving tough experiences, working with mental illness, self actualization, trauma processing, dealing with addiction,relationships with family and partners and much more.

Fee: $120/hour

Couples Counseling


Adult Individual Counseling

This picture is awesome.  If I wanted to have a specialty it would be with children, adolescents, and their families. I have been working with kids in different capacities for over 14 years and as a therapist for 9 of those. Any parent can tell you that his or her children do not speak English because if they did the dishes would get cleared a lot more often. Children speak a different language and my job is to figure out that language and use it to help them thrive and strive. That language might be playing with toys, jumping on rocks by the creek, playing tag, or just shooting the breeze. In spite of your desire to make your kids happy I will not do that. I will, however, work with your children and the whole family system to facilitate health which generally leads to happiness. Parents: I expect you to be an active participant in your child's care.

Fee: individual session: $120; parenting session with 2 or more family members: $140